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At Gulf Coast Lightning Rods, we are your go to lightning protection company for all Lightning and surge protection needs in Naples, FL. We are a family-owned and operated business installing lightning protection for residential and commercial properties throughout Naples, as well as the Gulf States. We are the most affordable provider of Lightning and Surge Protection services for homeowners, commercial properties, schools, and church installations. If you have a property that needs Lightning and Surge Protection, we are the company you should call. We provide our lightning protection services for Naples, from our offices located in Florida, serving customers in the Naples area.

Residential Buildings: New Homes, Single Family Homes, Townhouses, Apartments, Condos, Pole Barns, Trees and more
Commercial buildings & industrial buildings: new structures, schools, parks, playgrounds, banks, churches, airports, swimming pools, and much more.

A well designed Lightning protection systems helps protect property from the devastating effects of lightning. Our technicians in Naples are able to install and repair any type of lightning protection system. Our Naples lightning protection experts can also assist with all your grounding requirements, testing and inspections. Get in touch Gulf Coast Lightning Rods today for a free estimate.

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    Whether you need a lightning protection system in Naples, Florida or in another city or state we can work with you. We install lightning protection systems throughout the nation.

    Naples Lightning Protection Services by Gulf Coast Lightning Rods

    Lightning strikes is one of the most common causes of lightning damage in the Naples area. Unfortunately, some homeowners and business owners are hesitant to invest in lightning protection due to the misconception that it is an expensive investment. However, it is the best investment you can make to protect your family and property. If lightning strikes your building, it can cause catastrophic damage.

    Risk Assessment

    We perform is risk assessment for your Naples property before we install a lightning protection systems.

    Lightning Protection System Design

    We design a custom lightning protection system design for your Naples property, that meets all standards.

    Naples Lightning Protection System Installation

    We install the designed lightning protection system complaint for all standards and codes of practice.

    Test & Inspections of Lightning Protection Systems

    We offer Annual testing services for existing lightning protection systems.

    Lightning Protection System Maintenance & Repair

    Due to harsh weather and age of your lightning protection system you may need maintenance and repair. We can assist your with all aspects of lightning protection maintenance and repair.

    Installed Lightning Rod

    Air Terminals/Lightning Rods

    Air Terminals are typically found on the Rooftop and are designed to capture and redirect lightning strikes towards the ground that would otherwise hit a building or structure.

    Grounding Systems

    In the event of a fault in your home or business circuit, a lightning strike, or a surge in your utility power, your home’s grounding system is the work horse that picks up the stray power and directs it towards the earth instead of your home. If your home or business isn’t properly grounded then your circuit breakers don’t trip, which is a sure way to cause injury and significantly increase your risk of Fires.

    Surge Protection, Naples, FL

    While lightning protection protects the outside of a building and its foundation, a lightning event can cause an excessive amount of electricity to enter your electrical system and the electrical equipment within your building. At Gulf Coast Lightning Rods, we specialize in the installation of professional surge protection equipment for commercial and residential buildings. Our surge protection equipment ensures that all appliances and devices within your building are protected against lightning. Our professional surge protection devices limit the amount of electricity that can pass through your system while redirecting the remaining electrical force.

    Why you Need Lightning Protection System in Naples

    In the Naples, lightning strikes are common due to its warm and humid climate. Therefore, lightning protection systems are important for safeguarding both residential and commercial structures. It’s important to consult with a licensed and experienced lightning protection specialist or engineer to design and install an effective lightning protection system tailored to the specific needs of your building or structure.

    Additionally, building codes and regulations in Naples, Florida may require certain lightning protection measures to be in place, so it’s essential to ensure compliance with local regulations when installing a lightning protection system.

    Naples Lightning Protection System

    Naples Lightning Protection System

    Naples Lightning Protection System

    Naples Lightning Protection System

    Our Latest Projects

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    Florida Lightning Protection Installation

    Lightning can strike anytime. Protect Your Investment from Lightning

    Lightning can strike your Florida or Gulf Coast property without warning, and if you don’t have lightning protection in place, the damage it can inflict might be disastrous. Gulf Coast Lightning Rods, is your go to team of professionals for all of your Lightning Protection Rod installations, inspections and repairs.

    Residential Lightning Protection Systems

    Many lives are lost due to lightning strikes. Protect your family and property by getting a lightning protection system installed by Gulf Coast Lightning Rods. A lightning protection system consist of many components.  The key components, that work together to protect property structures from lightning damage are air terminals, conductors, bonds, ground terminations, and surge protection devices. Learn more about our residential lightning protection services >

    Commercial Lightning Protection

    Our Florida lightning protection company inspects, installs & designs lightning protection systems for commercial properties. In Florida, public schools, hospitals and nursing facilities are required to have lightning protection systems.  Many industrial and commercial property owners are getting lightning protection systems installed for their properties to protect human life, property, electric equipment and data. Learn more about our commercial lightning protection services >

    Barn Lightning Protection

    Installing barn lightning protection is a wise decision. If people or animals are inside the barn during a lightning storm, having lightning protection in place can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death from a direct lightning strike or secondary effects like fire or structural damage. Protect your livestock by having a lightning protection system installed for your barn. We install lightning rods connected with wire connections to the ground for barns. If lightning strikes the barn, it won’t bother your livestock as the rods will absorb the brunt of it. Learn more about Barn & Farmhouses lightning protection services >

    Tree Lightning Protection System

    Lightning protection devices from Gulf Coast Lightning Rods can minimize the risk of destruction in the likelihood of a  lightning strike. Lightning protection systems use copper conductors attached to a ground rod to reduce the chance of tree damage and transmit the electrical charge to the earth, where the energy is dispersed. Our advanced technology has a proven track record of protecting trees and reducing the likelihood of a side-flash to nearby structures. Learn more about our Lightning Protection for Trees services >

    Lightning Rods

    A lightning rod or lightning conductor  is a metal rod usually copper or aluminum mounted on a structure and intended to protect the structure from a lightning strike. It protects a structure from lightning damage by intercepting flashes and guiding the currents into the ground. They are mounted at strategic places where lightning is most likely to strike. Learn more about lightning rods >

    Lightning Rods

    While lightning rods can shield a building from direct lightning strikes, a full lightning protection system is necessary to guard against dangerous electrical surges and potential fires brought on by lightning that enters a building through wires and pipes. Learn more about lightning protection systems >


    At Gulf Coast Lightning Rods, LLC of Florida, our goal is to keep you and your property safe from lightning strikes. We can inspect, design, manage, and install any type of lightning protection and surge protection system throughout Florida, the entire South East, the Gulf Coast, and the Atlantic Coast. We offer lightning protection services throughout the state of Florida, the entire South East, the Gulf Coast, and the Atlantic Coast. Lightning protection is also available in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and other states. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.