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Lightning Protection System Installation

Gulf Coast Lightning Rods,  a Florida based lightning protection company installs Lightning Surge protection systems to meet our customers requirements, budget and deadline. Our installation service in Florida and the Gulf Coast is cost effective, reliable, efficient and of highest quality. Our extensive experience has given us the ability to install lightning protection systems on any structure of any shape or size. Lightning protection system installations are carried out by our highly trained skilled technicians. All lightning protection system work is carried out in line with current industry standards and guidelines. Call Gulf Rod Lightning Rods for lightning protection system installation.

Concealed or Exposed Lightning Protection System

Gulf Coast Lightning Rods has the expertise to install a disguised, partially concealed, or exposed lightning protection system on your roof to protect your property from lightning strikes. Except for the rooftop terminals, all lightning protection systems can be buried and run inside the structure when planned during construction. Lightning protection can also be employed as an architectural feature by using decorative finials as air terminals. When building a new home, a fully camouflaged system can be built. Depending on how much access there is to run the cable, a partially camouflaged lightning protection system can be installed on an existing house. Cables and lightning rods are installed on the roof of a fully exposed system. The wires can be concealed behind the ridges, and the down conductors can be routed behind the gutter sprouts.

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    Rated as #1 Lightning Protection Company in Florida and Beyond. Whether you need a lightning protection system for your home, office, church, a commercial building, barn or trees we can help you! No matter where you are we’ll be there.

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    Do You Qualify for a Lightning Protection System?

    Florida is the capital of lightning strikes. Lightning happens with every thunderstorm, and Florida experiences at least one thunderstorm 70-100 days each year on average. Florida is vulnerable to thunderstorms and lightning.  Lightning strikes are the most deadly weather hazards in the Sunshine State.

    Any structure is a good candidate for lightning protection since all buildings can be damaged by lightning.  It is common for lightning protection systems to be installed on homes, office buildings, data centers, schools, health care facilities, hospitals, shopping centers, airports, shopping centers, barns, trees, manufacturing facilities, and more.  We provide lightning protection system installation to residential and commercial facilities.  Moreover, we install lightning protection systems on farmhouses, barns and trees.

    Why install lightning protection system?

    The lightning protection system comprises of lightning rods that are interconnected at the roof level, down conductors connected to ground rods or ground loops, and a ground loop that connects all incoming utilities. A correctly constructed lightning protection system will protect the structural integrity of a building as well as property, electronic equipment, and property occupants from the destructive effects of lightning.

    Having a lightning protection system will give you peace of mind knowing that a potentially disastrous event has been dealt with proactively. Our many years of experience designing and installing lightning protection and grounding systems enables us to provide high-quality installations at a reasonable cost.

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    Lightning Protection Installation, Florida

    Installation of lightning protection systems

    Installation of lightning protection systems

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    At Gulf Coast Lightning Rods, LLC of Florida, our goal is to keep you and your property safe from lightning strikes. We can inspect, design, manage, and install any type of lightning protection and surge protection system throughout Florida, the entire South East, the Gulf Coast, and the Atlantic Coast. We offer lightning protection services throughout the state of Florida, the entire South East, the Gulf Coast, and the Atlantic Coast. Lightning protection is also available in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and other states. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.