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Gulf Coast Lightning Rods is a leading lightning protection system installation and design company in the Gulf Coast operating out of Pensacola, Florida.

For over 3 generations, we have been providing lightning protection installation, design and inspection services to residential and commercial properties, barns and trees. We ensure you that our installation of a lightning protection system on your property will be of the highest standard.  We cover the state of Florida, entire South East, Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast including New Orleans and Alabama and beyond.

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    Florida Lightning Protection Installation

    Lightning can strike anytime. Protect Your Investment from Lightning

    Lightning can strike your Florida or Gulf Coast property without warning, and if you don’t have lightning protection in place, the damage it can inflict might be disastrous. Gulf Coast Lightning Rods, is your go to team of professionals for all of your Lightning Protection Rod installations, inspections and repairs.

    Residential Lightning Protection Systems

    Many lives are lost due to lightning strikes. Protect your family and property by getting a lightning protection system installed by Gulf Coast Lightning Rods. A lightning protection system consist of many components.  The key components, that work together to protect property structures from lightning damage are air terminals, conductors, bonds, ground terminations, and surge protection devices. Learn more about our residential lightning protection services >

    Commercial Lightning Protection

    Our Florida lightning protection company inspects, installs & designs lightning protection systems for commercial properties. In Florida, public schools, hospitals and nursing facilities are required to have lightning protection systems.  Many industrial and commercial property owners are getting lightning protection systems installed for their properties to protect human life, property, electric equipment and data. Learn more about our commercial lightning protection services >

    Barn Lightning Protection

    Installing barn lightning protection is a wise decision. If people or animals are inside the barn during a lightning storm, having lightning protection in place can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death from a direct lightning strike or secondary effects like fire or structural damage. Protect your livestock by having a lightning protection system installed for your barn. We install lightning rods connected with wire connections to the ground for barns. If lightning strikes the barn, it won’t bother your livestock as the rods will absorb the brunt of it. Learn more about Barn & Farmhouses lightning protection services >

    Tree Lightning Protection System

    Lightning protection devices from Gulf Coast Lightning Rods can minimize the risk of destruction in the likelihood of a  lightning strike. Lightning protection systems use copper conductors attached to a ground rod to reduce the chance of tree damage and transmit the electrical charge to the earth, where the energy is dispersed. Our advanced technology has a proven track record of protecting trees and reducing the likelihood of a side-flash to nearby structures. Learn more about our Lightning Protection for Trees services >

    Lightning Rods

    A lightning rod or lightning conductor  is a metal rod usually copper or aluminum mounted on a structure and intended to protect the structure from a lightning strike. It protects a structure from lightning damage by intercepting flashes and guiding the currents into the ground. They are mounted at strategic places where lightning is most likely to strike. Learn more about lightning rods >

    Lightning Rods

    While lightning rods can shield a building from direct lightning strikes, a full lightning protection system is necessary to guard against dangerous electrical surges and potential fires brought on by lightning that enters a building through wires and pipes. Learn more about lightning protection systems >

    • Lightning Gulf coast, Mike Gorman, provides top quality service. Do business like him and your business will be on top .

      reginal crawford Avatar reginal crawford
      March 21, 2024

      Gulf Coast Lightning Rods did a great job on the install at our new house! 99% of the copper cable was hidden, either in the attic or behind a downspout. The quality of the material was top notch as well. The piece of mind I have now makes this worth every penny! Thank you!

      Ralph Alspach Avatar Ralph Alspach
      April 10, 2024

      Gulf coast lightning rods just installed the system on our house and barns they did a great job very neat and professional

      joe daley Avatar joe daley
      March 14, 2024
    • These guys are awesome! Clean install, friendly, Intelligent, local, and good price. I would recommend protecting your home or business with Gulf Coast Lightning Rods

      gracie linzy Avatar gracie linzy
      March 14, 2024

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    At Gulf Coast Lightning Rods, LLC of Florida, our goal is to keep you and your property safe from lightning strikes. We can inspect, design, manage, and install any type of lightning protection and surge protection system throughout Florida, the entire South East, the Gulf Coast, and the Atlantic Coast. We offer lightning protection services throughout the state of Florida, the entire South East, the Gulf Coast, and the Atlantic Coast. Lightning protection is also available in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and other states. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

    Testimonials from Lightning Protection Rod Installation Clients

    5 star Rating

    I  want to express my gratitude and my admiration for your business. We chose a date for the installation after I had the estimate and a general grasp of the process. Your team arrived on schedule and installed the lightning rods – the whole lightning protection system quickly. The crew was extremely polite and tidy. It was hassle-free experience and there was no mess. I appreciate your fantastic service and will surely recommend you. ~ Jermy, Pensacola

    5 star Rating

    We have have been using Gulf Coast Lightning rods company for some time now. They designed and installed our system and inspect it periodically. They are responsive both before and during the construction process, very effective on the job, and available to answer any issues we have. We are glad we chose Gulf Coast Lightning Rods for our property in New Orleans. ~ Jeff

    5 star Rating

    We have developed numerous commercial and equestrian projects through the years, and have hired Gulf Coast Lightning Rods to install lightning protection systems. The have always provided us with top-notch service. They always deliver a complete lightning protection service, including design, permitting, and installation. They consistently try to accommodate our schedule. All of you at Gulf Coast Lightning  Rods are appreciated for your hard work. ~ Benjamin, Florida

    What is a Lightning Protection System?

    A Lightning Protection System has a number of  components. A typical lightning protection system is made up of several parts, such as metal conductors, ground electrodes, and lightning rods.

    The primary purpose for a lightning protection system is to route that electrical energy from a lightning strike to a less destructive path to ground, rather than letting it travel through the building’s structure, electrical wiring, pipes where it would create a havoc. Lightning rods or air terminals are the topmost element of a lightning protection system where the initial contact between the lightning strike and system occurs.

    The lightning rods are strategically installed on the roof, chimneys or other elevated areas.  Highly conductive copper and aluminum materials are used in a lightning protection system.  This provides a low resistance path to safely ground lightning’s dangerous electricity.   The lightning  strike is intercepted and directed to ground without impacting the structure, occupants or contents of the property. A lightning protection system includes a network of air terminals, bonding conductors, and ground electrodes designed to provide a low impedance path to ground for potential strikes.

    The dissipation of a lightning strike requires correct system design, installation in accordance with UL 96A, NFPA 780.

    Will Lightning Protection System prevent lightning strikes?

    Unfortunately, lightning strikes cannot be prevented. They’re natural phenomena that occur with little warning and can cause untold damage to buildings, property, and life.  Lightning can pass through telephone cords, power lines, computers, electronic equipment and other appliances.  Moreover, a lightning strike has the potential to be fatal and cause fires.

    However, you can reduce the risk of damaging your property, people and livestock by having a comprehensive lightning protection system that meets all relevant standards.

    About Gulf Coast Lightning Rods

    Any type of lightning protection system in the Gulf Coast states Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and beyond, can be installed, maintained, and tested by Gulf Coast Lightning Rods in accordance with the most recent norms and guidelines. More importantly, our lightning protection services in Florida and all the Gulf Coast states can guarantee that you have the proper infrastructure in place to safeguard your family, employees, livestock, property from the devastating effects of lightning.

    Our mission is to protect lives and properties from the hazardous and expensive effects of one of nature’s deadliest elements – lightning.  Gulf Coast Lightning Rods can help you with all lightning protection solutions from inspection, completing a risk assessment, design, installation and maintenance of a lightning protection system.

    We provide lightning protection system installation services and surge protection for single family homes, condos, apartments, ranch, farms, barns, church, trees, schools, hospitals, airports, factories, data centers, office buildings and more.

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