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Is Your Hessmer, Louisiana Property Protected From Lightning?

Looking for a lightning protection system installation services near you in Hessmer, Louisiana 71341?

In Hessmer, where thunderstorms are frequent, it is crucial to have lightning protection systems in place to protect buildings and people from the potential dangers of lightning strikes.

Lightning protection system consists of lightning rods (also known as air terminals) placed on the roof and around the structure’s perimeter, down conductors that safely guide the lightning current to the ground, and grounding electrodes that disperse the electrical charge into the ground.

Call Gulf Coast Lightning Rods to learn about how much it cost to install lightning protection systems for homes and businesses in Hessmer. Louisiana 71341.

Our lightning protection services in Hessmer include:

  • Lightning Risk Assessment
  • Lightning Protection System Design
  • Lightning Protection System Installation
  • Inspections of Lightning Protection Systems
  • Lightning Protection System Maintenance & Repair

We deliver high quality work at highly competitive prices. Contact us for quote and you will find that prices are truly affordable.

We provide the absolute best lightning protection in compliance with all standards.  Whether your property is residential or commercial, our lightning rods will protect it from one of nature’s most destructive forces. In addition, we’re available to serve you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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    Hessmer, Louisiana Lightning Protection Installation

    Lightning can strike anytime. Protect Your Investment from Lightning

    Lightning can strike your Hessmer, Louisiana or Gulf Coast property without warning, and if you don’t have lightning protection in place, the damage it can inflict might be disastrous. Gulf Coast Lightning Rods, is your go to team of professionals for all of your Lightning Protection Rod installations, inspections and repairs in Hessmer, Louisiana and beyond.

    Our Recent Lightning Protection Installation Projects in Hessmer, Louisiana

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    Testimonials from Lightning Protection Rod Installation Clients

    We have have been using Gulf Coast Lightning rods company for some time now. They designed and installed our system and inspect it periodically. They are responsive both before and during the construction process, very effective on the job, and available to answer any issues we have. We are glad we chose Gulf Coast Lightning Rods for our property in New Orleans.

    Services: Retrofit Lightning Rods


    Installed lightning protection on our latest home. The team that handled it was amazing! They are total pros.  They made special efforts to hide the cables to make them less noticeable. They are affordable,  incredibly detailed, tidy, and professional! I strongly endorse them.

    Services: Lightning Protection System Design and Installation


    We have developed numerous commercial and equestrian projects through the years, and have hired Gulf Coast Lightning Rods to install lightning protection systems. The have always provided us with top-notch service. They always deliver a complete lightning protection service, including design, permitting, and installation. They consistently try to accommodate our schedule. All of you at Gulf Coast Lightning  Rods are appreciated for your hard work.

    Services: Lightning Rod Installation

    Benjamin, Florida

    I’ve had the chance to work with Gulf Lightning Rods. We hired them to install lightning rods on our house and barn. I’ve been impressed by their extensive knowledge and promptness. They had a clear grasp of our needs, and the installations were executed flawlessly, adhering to both budget and timeline. The quality of workmanship and professionalism in setting up the systems was exceptional. The task was carried out safely and efficiently. I would definitely consider using or refer others.

    Services: Lightning Protection System Design and Installation


    I  want to express my gratitude and my admiration for your business. We chose a date for the installation after I had the estimate and a general grasp of the process. Your team arrived on schedule and installed the lightning rods – the whole lightning protection system quickly. The crew was extremely polite and tidy. It was hassle-free experience and there was no mess. I appreciate your fantastic service and will surely recommend you.

    Services: lightning protection Installation


    Gulf coast lightning rods just installed the system on our house and barns they did a great job very neat and professional

    Services: Lightning Rod Installation


    Our property has been struck by lightning twice, thankfully, neither time did it damage our home. However, the final strike completely destroyed our Barn. We decided to employ Gulf Coast Lightning Rods to set up lightning protection systems on our house, barn, garage and two additional buildings. He dedicated himself to educating us on the process, responding to all our inquiries with expertise and maintaining a professional demeanor throughout. I would highly endorse Gulf Coast Lightning Rods and even more so recommend Mike for the task. As we plan to expand, we have chosen him as our sole contractor for ongoing lightning protection services.

    Services: Lightning Protection System Design and Installation


    From my perspective, Gulf Lightning Rods stands out as the top choice for lightning defense. They are quick to respond and offer thorough and expert pricing estimates. They stay within our financial limits and are accessible to assist our customers in comprehending how the installation works. They excel in making the lightning protection cables blend in seamlessly. I particularly appreciate collaborating with Mike throughout the entire duration.

    Services: Lightning Rod Installation


    I am a roofing contractor. For numerous years, we’ve exclusively relied on Gulf Lightning Rods for all our projects. Regardless of the project type, we’re assured they deliver the right system at a reasonable cost. Their extensive experience has positioned them as leaders in their field, giving us the confidence that our customers receive the necessary protection.

    Services: Lightning Rod Installation


    Over the years, as we’ve been involved in running our family’s commercial general construction business, which includes the construction and management of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. I have been working with Gulf Lightning Rods to install lightning rods for my project. Their quality of work is superior. They always deliver on what they promise and do what they say they will. Looking ahead, we’re excited about continuing to work with them.

    Services: Lightning Protection System Design and Installation


    Following the recent lightning strike on our rural Barn, Gulf Lightning Rods successfully installed new lightning rods on our property including the home, barn and garage. My spouse and I initially worried about the impact of the rods and their associated cables on the visual appeal of our roof. However, Mike and his helper executed an outstanding task by skillfully integrating the wires into the roofing and concealing them behind gutters and downspouts, making them nearly invisible. We now feel significantly more secure in the knowledge that our home is safeguarded against lightning strikes and would wholeheartedly endorse Gulf Lightning Rods to anyone in search of lightning protection for their home.

    Services: Lightning Protection System Design and Installation


    Gulf Coast Lightning Rods did a great job on the install at our new house! 99% of the copper cable was hidden, either in the attic or behind a downspout. The quality of the material was top notch as well. The piece of mind I have now makes this worth every penny! Thank you!

    Services: Lightning Rod Installation


    Great job very happy with the work gulf coast did. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you for explaining how the rods work to protect you from lightning

    Services: Lightning Rod Installation


    Give us a call and talk to a lightning protection expert if you need more information about lightning rods, install lightning protection systems,  lightning rod installation, grounding, electrical surges, lightning protection services, designing lightning protection, how to prevent lightning damage from lightning strikes and more.  We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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